Thursday, October 23, 2003

It seems like good folks at Amazon.com have done it again! This time they have added a feature called "Search Inside the Book" which allows you to do free-text searching through all the pages of more than 120,000 books.

Now, someone, please top up my credit card. This is going to be expensive :-)

The announcement is here.

Read more about how it works.

Naval Ravikant posted some interesting observations to VentureBlog about predicting the future of computing - especially related to Wi-Fi - by examining at the usage patterns among the innovators and early adaptors in locations with dense Wi-Fi coverage.

Dartmouth College is such a place.

Ubiquity Breeds Utility: "In the late 1980s, Dartmouth College was the most wired campus on the planet, running 10GB Ethernet into every dorm room. Today, Dartmouth is the most unwired campus on the planet, with 560 access points covering 200 acres. "

Here are some of his observations:

* Instant Messenger for voice will emerge
* Portable devices completely dominate
* Voice is just an app
* Location based services emerge
* Newspapers have zero value

Read the full blog entry for a complete prediction of where we are heading.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Just when laptops and flat-screens have freed up deskspace, here's a study to show that you need to crowd it with multiple monitors to stay competitive...

Need... more... pixels...

MULTIPLE MONITOR COMPUTING DEMONSTRATES TANGIBLE BENEFITS FOR CORPORATE WORKFORCE: "Overall respondents in the study were 10 percent more productive using multiple monitor set ups."

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